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1. General FAQ - ReadMeFirst

As IceWM is lightwieght it still does a lot. If you are looking for some option go throught preferences file. It is well constructed and you usually find what you are searching - e.g. you want to change some quickswitch option then try to grep "QuickSwitch" from preferences. Therefore it makes no sense to describe all of the preferences here.

1.1 Fulltext search

If you want fulltext search of this FAQ use a text version.

1.2 The most Frequently Asked Questions with short answers

This is list of the most frequently asked quiestions with short answers. Usually you can find more explaining answer in following chapers.

IceWM does not start icewmbg, startup etc. How should I start IceWM? icewm-session

Is that possible to place icons on desktop using PURE IceWM? No.

Where are icewm files? Depends - locate *icewm.

How to change default theme? .icewm/theme, Theme="thenicest/default.theme".

Does IceWM knows dynamicly created desktops or 2D desktops? No.

Is there a way to group similar applications in the toolbar when minimized? No.

How can I disable the taskbar (or toolbar) in IceWM? preferences, ShowTaskBar=0

Is there any way to have the time and date show in the taskbar? Yes. man date || strftime

Is there a button to minimize all windows? IceWM > 1.2.13, preferences, TaskBarShowShowDesktopButton=1 or use alt+shift+F9.

How can I autostart apps at X && IceWM start? Use .Xsession || .xinitrc || .Xclients || .icewm/startup.

Is it possible to add submenus to the menu? Yes. file menu; format: menu name icon {content}.

How to disable Alt+drag feature? preferences, ClientWindowMouseActions=0

How is that with WM_CLASS and windowptions? This doc should reflect correct status.

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