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11. Tools for IceWM

This section is a collection of tools that simplify the usage of IceWM. Head on over to the utilities section of the IceWM homepage if you want an up to date overview about all available tools.

11.1 IcePref

Note: IcePref is a history these day, but you can still find it.

Description (by the author of IcePref)

IcePref is a small graphical utility (written with Python and the Gtk toolkit) designed to simplify the configuration of IceWM.

It currently supports the options of IceWM version 1.0.4 and should (in theory) work consistently with versions at least as high as 1.0.4. While it is not a particularly elegant program, I have found IcePref useful and hope that it will be found useful by those who use IceWM and also have Gtk installed.

IcePref should be especially useful to those who have GNOME, and who are therefore likely to have PyGNOME and PyGTK already installed on their boxes.

Download IcePref

IcePref was available from Nowadays you have to search the net for suitable archiv

11.2 IcePref2

IcePref2 is maintained successor to IcePref. It is included in IceWM Control Panel.


IcePref2 is advanced preferences file editor.

Download IcePref2

11.3 IceME

The IceWM Menu Editor allows users to edit their menu without knowing anything about config files. It is included in IceWM Control Panel.

Download IceME

Get IceME at

11.4 IceWM Control Panel

Description (by author of IceWM Control Panel)

IceWM Control Panel is the first full-featured, Gtk-based control panel for IceWM. It is meant to run in IceWM, but can be used in ANY window manager as a general-purpose control panel. It was inspired by the Qt-based application called IceMC, but includes many more tools, a more familiar Windoze Control Panel-like interface, and uses the MUCH faster Gtk user interface (Who runs a fast Window Manager like IceWM, to launch SLOW-running, memory-intensive Qt/KDE-based applications?? I sure don't). Let's face it: IceWM and fast Gtk interfaces work well together.

IceWM Control Panel includes applications for editing preferences (IcePref2), menus (IceMe), themes, sounds (IceSoundMngr), cursors, keys, mouse, wallpapers, winoptions, icon browser etc.

Download IceWM Control Panel

The IceWM Control Panel homepage is at

11.5 IceWM Control Center


This is Vadim Khohlov's software. A good collection of the configuration software for IceWM, include: menu/toolbar editor, Ice Sound Configurator, theme Switcher, backgroundoptions editor, IceWM's winoptions editor, keys editor.

Download IceWM Control Center

The IceWM Control Center homepage is at

Vadim also made a little tool to automate desktop link creation for idesk version 0.3.5.

11.6 IceWMConf

Description (by the author of IceWMConf)

IceWMConf is a small application which helps with configuring IceWM. It tries to be self-configuring, starting with the basic options from the system preferences files and then overriding them with user preferences.

In this way, it should pick up new options introduced by later versions of IceWM. (It does mean that old options aren't deleted, so you have to occasionally "trim" your user file to remove lines IceWM grumbles about, but that isn't very necessary.)

Its user interface is functional bordering on spartan, but builds its own option categories and has an option name search facility. If you want a really user friendly configuration tool, I suggest IcePref.

Download IceWMConf

The IceWMConf homepage is at

11.7 IceWO


IceWO is an icewm's winoption file editor. It allows you to set winoptions for any window by clicking on buttons, without manual editing winoptions file.

Download IceWO

11.8 IceMC


IceMC is a graphical menu editor for IceWM, designed to be simple and stable. You can configure your menu entries with copy, paste, and drag'n'drop.

Download IceWO

11.9 MenuMaker


MenuMaker is utility written entirely in Python that scans through the system for installed programs and generates menu for specified X window manager. It is by far more superior to existing solutions in terms of knowledge base size, maintainability and extensibility, and has a number of features that have no counterparts in its class. MenuMaker is intended for users of lightweight *NIX graphical desktop environments.

Download MenuMaker

11.10 IDesk


iDesk gives users of minimal wm's (fluxbox, pekwm, windowmaker...) icons on their desktop. The icon graphics are either from a png or svg (vector) file and support some eyecandy effects like transparency. Each icon can be confgured to run one or more shell commands and the actions which run those commands are completely configurable. In a nutshell if you want icons on your desktop and you don't have or dont't want KDE or gnome doing it, you can use idesk.

Download IDesk

11.11 DFM


DFM is a file manager for Linux and other UNIX like Operating Systems. DFM is the abrvabation for Desktop File Manager. "Desktop" stands for the capability to place icons on the root window.

Download DFM

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