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7. Configuration/Resource/Library Path

Icewm knows several locations to look for configuration information, themes and customization; put together these locations are called the resource path. The resource path contains the following directories:


user's personal customization. This location can be customized by setting the $ICEWM_PRIVCFG environment variable.


system-wide customized defaults

/usr/share/icewm OR /usr/local/share/icewm

compiled-in default directory with default files

The directories are searched in the above order, so any file located in the system/install directory can be overridden by the user by creating the same directory hierarchy under $HOME/.icewm.

To customize icewm yourself, you should create the $HOME/.icewm directory and copy the files that you wish to modify (preferences, winoptions),from /etc/X11/icewm, /usr/share/icewm or /usr/local/share/icewm and then modify as you like.

To customize the default themes, you should create the $HOME/.icewm/themes directory and copy all the theme files there and then modify as necessary.

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